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IHM Facilities
Sisters' Section


Saying Thank You

We are grateful for and welcome all gifts and prayers in support of our IHM Sisters.
We invite you to learn more about some meaningful ways to contribute to our mission.


Remembering an IHM

An opportunity to pay tribute to a Sister who influenced your life or had an impact on a school, a parish, or a local community. Send us your thoughts by clicking on this link or perhaps making a memorial donation in Sister’s name by scrolling to the link in the next table cell below or sending your gift to the address at the bottom of this page. We will send an acknowledgment of your donation to the Sister you are honoring if she is living.


IHM Retirement Fund

For decades, Sisters worked for little or no compensation. Now as Sisters age or become infirm, the Congregation supplements their needed medical care not covered by health insurance or Medicare sources. This special trust fund will provide for the future retirement needs of the Congregation.

Camilla Hall Nursing Home

When Sisters are no longer able to work in our educational and evangelization apostolates, the Sisters are cared for in our own nursing facility that depends upon subsidies from the Congregation and gifts from generous donors.

IHM Ministries

Besides our IHM educational ministries that range from pre-school to university, the Sisters sponsor and staff a number of other outreach programs:

IHM Center for Literacy and GED Programs --The Sisters offer programs with courses in adult Basic Education; English for Speakers of Other Languages; and General Educational Development.

IHM Educational Centers -- The Sisters offer individualized educational programs that respect the dignity and uniqueness of each person as a child of God and provide learning support that will empower students with learning differences to reach their highest potential

IHM Family Literacy Center -- The IHMs who serve at the Center propose to break the cycle of illiteracy that exists in many family units, to enhance the quality of communication among members of families, and to promote harmony within family structures.

If you would like to remember an IHM Sister with a memorial donation or a tribute, please send your check to the address below, or you may wish to donate electronically by clicking on this link:
IHM Mission Advancement to use a credit card.

Office of Mission Advancement

Villa Maria House of Studies
1140 King Road
Immaculata, PA  19345-0200           
Email: missionadv@ihmimmaculata.org